Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 18: Your Beliefs.

I believe that clapping along to music is harder than it looks.

I believe that everyone should get to swim in the ocean at least once. And that everyone should teach their children how to swim, just in case.

I believe that rice is pretty delicious all by itself.

I believe that I am a lucky person.

I believe that getting a few bad sunburns in your lifetime won't kill you, but it will give you lots of freckles if you're fair skinned.

I believe that people with diseases and disabilities are NOT better off dead, and will probably get angry if you want to argue that point with me.

I believe that everyone and everything has the right to live its own life. That's why I stopped eating other animals.

I believe that living in a home with good heating is the best thing ever. I still feel really happy every time I can turn up the heater when I'm cold and it works and I get warmer.

I believe that Smallville is a delightful TV show. And I believe I owe a favor to the customer of our comic book store that's been lending us all his Smallville DVD's.

I believe in taking baths.

I believe that most people can probably take a punch better than they'd expect. But it's nicer not to have to find that out for sure.

I believe that some houses could be haunted, but mine, sadly, is not. Even though my downstairs neighbor has a scary ventriloquist dummy.

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