Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 16: Your views on Mainstream Music

First of all, the title of this challenge topic assumes I'm hip enough to know crap about non-mainstream music. Which I'm not. Even though the town I live in is full of it, I don't go out to shows at night. I go to places like work and the grocery store at night, for the most part. Oops.

So yep, I love my mainstream music. This year I'm asking for a bunch of CD's for my birthday, which is rare for me. Even rarer for me, they're not all from the 90's (past gift requests have included Super Deluxe, Sky Cries Mary, Collective Soul, etc.)! This year I'm asking for Rihanna, The Black Keys, Florence and the Machine, and I think there were more but I'm blanking out.

I also still love lots of older music like the Rolling Stones, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Elvis, Linda Ronstadt and of course my continuing love for the 90's. I mean both early nineties Salt'n'Pepa and grunge nineties.

I'm a dork. But you already knew this if you read my post about putting the ipod on shuffle.

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