Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 14 & Day 15

I'm lumping these together because they're both so short.

Day 14: Your earliest memory
It's very vague, but I remember learning to walk up stairs/curbs in Hawaii when I was really little. A toddler, obviously. My Dad's sister used to live there and we'd gone to visit them. Sadly I haven't been back!

Day 15: Your favorite Tumblr.
I had to google this to find out what a tumblr is. My favorite (and only) one I've seen is I think I found it when I was searching for makeup tips for redheads. Which I am, if you didn't already know that. I only remember the address for that tumblr because it cracked me up! I imagine a crowd yelling "Fuck yeah! Redhead!" when I type it.

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