Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 17: Highs and Lows of the Past Year

Low is easy: when I was working noc shift at the Crapdorable place and day shifts in home care. I often only got to sleep in 2-3 hour stretches as a time. I was exhausted. And the physical labor of the crapdorable place was overwhelming, as was the sadness at the neglect the residents endured. There was a woman there who was so covered in boils and pressure sores that there was only one position she could be in (in her bed) and often the boils would pop and leak fluid as I tried to change her brief without hurting her. And I don't care what anyone says, there is absolutely no reason for 94 year olds to be sleeping on a mattress on the floor. God, I hated that place.

High is pretty easy too: once we bought the store and had it running smoothly, and I cut down to one job (that I usually enjoy) and began having free time again. I love being able to leave work and know the residents will be well taken care of while I'm gone. And I love having free time to spend with Mr. Polly again! As soon as I finish my CNA course I'm going to prioritize spending time with friends as well, since it's been a while since I've done that as much as I'd like to. Oh and COOKING! I can't wait to start cooking again!

Getting registered for fall quarter has been a big high as well - I'm so excited to start taking concrete steps toward nursing school!!!


  1. I have wondered about that mattress on the floor thing as well. Does it prevent falls? That would really suck to worry about the care of your patients after you go home. I guess I am very fortunate that I have always had good
    coworkers. I hope your class is going well!

  2. If I am ever in your neck of the wood, I am coming in to buy comics. Not sure what kind but I'll be there. lol. :)

  3. OMG there is no way at all she should be on the floor!! that is just not right! I am glad you have more free time..good luck with school!!

  4. @Raquel; the mattress on the floor is supposedly to prevent falls, although I think it's a terrible method for that. Partly because these people still rolled off their mattresses and then would get rugburn trying to roll back onto them. I'd much rather have them have a twin bed up against the wall and a wedge to tilt it so they can't fall out. If we're really worried, add a bed alarm and a gym mat on the floor alongside it. Problem solved! Making old people sleep on the floor is just plain mean. And making caregivers try to change their briefs there is mean too.