Friday, April 13, 2012

I still love A&P 2

My new instructor continues to rock the casbah. I love that she gives us assignments that actually relate to clinical situations! For example, our first homework assignment was about the endocrine system. We had this sequence of hormones, like gland A sends out hormone A which triggers hormone B and then hormone C and so on. Then a hypothetical example of two patients who both had elevated levels of hormone C and what happened when they were given suppressive drugs for it. Based on that, we were to diagnose whether it was a primary problem arising from the beginning of the sequence, of a secondary problem from later in the sequence. So cool!

And today, in lab, we got in groups to do a very simple EKG on one another, and got to actually interpret the waves, as part of learning the heart functions. I love it. I have a whole new respect for the people at the hospital whose job it is to watch multiple heart monitors for abnormalities.

Now off to see "The Cabin in the Woods" and try not to scream in the movie theater. Eeek!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm going to marry my new teacher, or at least give her an apple

Last quarter ended on an awkward note, as I stayed after my final to speak to my A&P instructor about his inappropriate comments throughout the quarter - see my last post for more info. So imagine my unpleasant shock when, the Friday before classes were due to begin on Monday, I got a letter telling my I hadn't paid my spring quarter tuition and was therefore DROPPED FROM ALL MY CLASSES. WTF. That's a horrible way to let me know that. Wouldn't logic tell you that if someone owes you money, you should give them notice of that BEFORE it becomes a problem?

Nope. That was the first I'd heard of it, because up until now my financial aid has covered all of my tuition with no problems.

So now I was faced with the possibility that once I paid the extra money financial aid didn't cover, I might have to try to get into whatever A&P 2 class is available. Which includes the one taught by my last instructor. And both he and I would probably rather eat some glass than have that happen. Awesome.

Long story short, it all worked out and I'm deleriously happy to be enrolled in my (female) teacher's A&P 2 class. Today was the first lecture, and she's organized, clear, and seems to be an excellent instructor. And hasn't mentioned her genitals once!

I love her. I'm so, so, so relieved to be taking her class! This is going to be a good quarter.