Saturday, February 12, 2011

So much vomit.

Norovirus has hit the GreatRep. That means a building full of people with dementia that are exploding at both ends. All the time. I changed one lady and her bedding 4 times this shift. At one point she started gagging and I couldn't find any more emesis bins so I grabbed a towel in my gloved hands and used that to catch it. She paused and said "You don't want that, do you?" and in an effort to keep her from puking on the carpet I hollered "Yes I do!". I also dealt with at least 2 gallons of diarrhea in that 8 hours.

I've never been so grateful for disposable gloves, masks, bleach, and other sanitary things.

Apparently last time this happened at the GreatRep, it lasted 3 weeks and EVERYONE got it. Cross your fingers that this time is better ... or kill me now, please.

Side note: none of this made me even a little queasy. I am awesome and am developing a cast-iron nurse stomach.


  1. That cast iron stomach will serve you very well!

    Good luck getting through the epidemic. Hope you can get some rest and stay well!

  2. Yucko, I wouldn't want it either! Smart thinking about the towel and gloves.