Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 11: 10 Songs

I put my iTunes on shuffle, so here's 10 songs that popped up and what they made me think of:

1. "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel. When I was in college, I lived in a house with 5-7 other people (one in the garage, one in the living room, you get the idea). It'd get really messy so sometimes we'd crank up Billy Joel and all dance around and clean. It sounds ridiculous because it was. One of those roommates? Is now my husband!

2. "Resist Psychic Death" by Bikini Kill. I will always, always love riot grrrl music. I can't help myself. That's what happens when you're a feminist that was born in 1982. It was in my DNA and got activated in the 90's.

3. "The Timber Man" by Johnny Cash (from his children's album). I got this from the library and put it on my iPod when I was a nanny. The kids liked it, although one of the songs is about a boy whose dog dies, so that led to my confusing explanations of death. Oops.

4. "(I got that) Boom Boom" by Britney Spears featuring the Yin Yang Twins. I still listen to Britney when I'm cleaning sometimes. And it's always a good time to yell "get on the floor/shake that ass for me". The best part about this song is that when the guys are saying "twillilly twillilly WHAT" Mr. Polly thought they were saying "chiiiiiiilllliiii cheeeeeeeese".

5. "When Will I Be Loved" by Linda Ronstadt. I used to always listen to her in the car with my Mom when I was a little girl. I think I knew all the words to her songs before I could read very well!

6. "TKO" Le Tigre. Not riot grrrl anymore, but still DELIGHTFUL. Oh Kathleen Hanna, you're a great gal.

7. "40 oz. to Freedom" by Sublime. Oh man, I used to listen to them a LOT in early high school. Long before I had ever drunk a 40.

8. "Brown Sugar" by The Rolling Stones. You know this one. It's a good one.

9. "Dreaming" by Blondie. I love Blondie. When I'm mopping our Small Business, I like to listen to them very much. I lock up the doors, put out the closed sign, get my bucket of hot water and citrus cleaner, and go to town.

10. "What it Feels Like for A Girl" by Madonna. The first time I heard these lyrics, I thought Madonna nailed it. Smart smart smart. And you know what? She's good. I even liked that this was on Glee. "Strong inside but you don't know it/ Good little girls they never show it/ When you open up your mouth to speak/ Could you be a little weak". Not bad, Madge!

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