Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 2: Last Movie I saw in the Theater

The last movie I saw was Thor. Hazards of being married into the comic book business, right? Although I missed out on Captain America and am not planning on going to Conan, either.

Thor was pretty good! I liked his character, I freaking LOVED the Rainbow Road (me and the Bestie that lives far, far away are wishing we had one so we could pop in and visit one another) and I thought the Frost Giants were pretty awesome. Natalie Portman was decent, the actor that played Thor was handsome and funny.

All in all, thumbs up.

Man, writing about movies on here makes me miss Bev (the little old lady I used to take to a movie every week). Do yourself a favor and click on the tag at the end of this post that says "movie reviews" to find out what Bev thought about Eclipse: The Twilight Saga and Dinner for Schmucks. She was so, so great. I miss her! She's dead, and if I weren't protecting her privacy, I'd link to her obituary - it's very, very sweet.

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  1. Remember when you were totally in LOVE with Rainbow Bright, and were sad when she fell out of favor and they didn't make anymore of her movies? You were angry that Rambo was so popular you came up with the brilliant idea that someone should make a movie that would appeal to everyone - "Rambo Bright" :-)