Sunday, August 21, 2011

7 - A rarely covered topic

7 - What's something you don't usually blog about?

There are millions of things I don't usually blog about. Like why I take my showers in the evening before bed instead of in the morning before work. Or the time I made cinnamon rolls from scratch and then ate nothing else for half a week. Or that I saw someone chug dish soap and beer until he vomited bubbles once. Or that on my honeymoon at Zion National Park in Utah, we saw a tarantula and Mr. Polly was thoughtful and had me cover my eyes then picked me up and carried me past it so I wouldn't freak out and be stuck in a corner, unable to walk near that big, foot-eating sucker.

I don't often blog about my collection of paperback romance novels penned by Fabio himself - I have three of them (Viking, Pirate and Champion). Or about how it's really awful to work in a nursing home if you or your coworkers have gas, because there is no politely ignoring it - everyone starts sniffing and saying "Uh oh, who needs to be toileted?" until someone cops to it ... unless it really is a resident who needs to be changed. Or about how mole is one of the worst things I've ever tasted and I can't belive people like it (I can't figure out how to do the accent over the 'e' in mole but rest assured I mean "mole-ay" not the animal we call a mole).

I was thinking perhaps I'd take this opportunity to brag about how I exercise on a schedule now, but that's boring to read about. I will share this, though - it's my favorite yoga DVD to do. I like the second DVD. Seriously, if you're thinking you want to go surfing but don't think you're strong enough to be able to pop up, do this DVD for a few weeks. You'll be able to. It's fun, too.

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