Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Project

I was so excited about my new food processor that I didn't think about where I'll keep it. So then I started googling "small kitchen organization blog" to get ideas. And I liked this one where they labeled where all their stuff is: "Near To Nothing.

But the thing is, my kitchen isn't all super-organized just yet. I live in a pretty small apartment, and my kitchen is very, very small. See?

I use a stepladder to reach the things that are up above the cabinets, especially the pots and pans. Unless Mr. Polly is home, and then he can usually reach them for me, because he's freakishly tall. Okay, not quite circus level, but he's 6'4". Our apartment ceilings are about 11 feet tall. So we did a lot of vertical storage.

So, from left to right in the above picture, here's where everything is:


And I forgot to really show it but the furthest left cabinet is my pantry with canned goods and pasta and stuff, plus a drawer with dish towels, a low cupboard with pot/pan lids, tupperware, and napkins. And it's a huge freaking mess right now.

So this is the "before" entry; anyone have brilliant suggestions for how I can get to "after


  1. First I would purge anything not in use for over a year (for me that would be a blender).
    Then how about off to the left of your fridge below the jackets put a few storage closets, nothing fancy just deep enough not to exceed your fridge depth? These are just a few ideas, hope it helps.

  2. You could also follow this blog:

    Jen is great at organizing and giving great tips.