Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

I'm amazingly bad at pranks. I like the idea of them and think they're funny but to date, my best (and only) prank I've played was writing a love letter from a garage to a house. And then putting it on the door of the garage, wherein a friend of mine lived. I dunno, it seemed funny at the time.

So for the last two weeks or so, I've been saying "Is this a prank? If I turned all the spices in the spice cupboard upside down?" and so on. Mostly my ideas have not been actual prank material, according to Mr. Polly. So I swore to prank him all day long today for April Fools' this year. In order, here are the pranks and results for this year (I'm thinking we better consider 2011 a warmup year):

1. Salted his toothbrush. He didn't notice.

2. Since he didn't notice the salt, I did it again with garlic powder. That he noticed before using it and washed it off first. Shoot.

3. Put a bunch of garlic powder in the lid of his shampoo bottle. Again, he didn't notice. This is becoming a theme.

4. Put a bulb of garlic in each of his shoes, because I figured I already had a theme going at this point. He noticed!

5. Pretended the TV remote didn't work at wouldn't let me push play for "Inside the Actor's Studio". He caught on right away, knowing that I can't handle that pompous James Lipton.

6. Went to our comic book store in the middle of the night and filled the little dorm-fridge with rolls of toilet paper so they would tumble out when he went to get a soda. Our business partner got to it first, and got a big kick out of it.

7. Changed the white board at our comic book store to say that the new management (Mr. Polly and our business partner) are now under new management, and drew a picture of them gazing lovingly at a winking Savage Dragon.

8. A long time ago I accidentally put the song "Iko Iko" on Mr. Polly's iTunes and he was really confused. So I put it on there over and over again under different playlist titles and then synced it so that was the only song on the whole iPod. HA! Unfortunately that bad man went to sync it before heading to work and discovered what I'd done. Luckily it was taking so long to put all his music back onto his iPod that when I offered to drop it off at the store later, he agreed. So I put Iko Iko back on! And got our business partner to cue it up when Mr. Polly walked in the door later. Success!!!

I have two more that I haven't done yet but I'm getting pretty tired. So April Fools' Day may have to last for two days this year. Suggestions welcome!


  1. What great ideas! My daughter got me with the salt on the toothbrush this yesterday am.

    One funny trick that my son did was sprinkled salt in the water of my daughter's water bottle that she keeps by her bed at night. So last night when she woke up and started chugging she knew it right away and thought it tasted awful, but it still made her laugh today.

    Good luck to you for next year.

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