Friday, January 7, 2011

Matching Game

Here's a little game I like to call "I found what...WHERE?"

I'll tell you what I found, and you guess where I found it. It's a little like "find the saltine" on Scrubs except so far I haven't found any saltines anywhere unusual.

Let's play!

1. I found a flashlight.
a) In a cupboard.
b) In a garage.
c) In someone's underpants.

2. I found a pair of dentures.
a) In someone's mouth.
b) soaking in the appropriate cup with lid, labeled.
c) wrapped in a sock and in someone's pocket.
d) shoved down into a recliner.

3. I found a missing resident:
a) Sleeping in someone else's bed.
b) In the furnace control room.
c) trying to open the locked gate outside saying "Damn it!".

4. I found poop.
a) In someone's underwear.
b) Trailing from someone's bathroom to their bed.
c) On the shower floor.
d) Under someone's fingernails
e) In someone's mouth.

5. I found toothpaste.
a) on a toothbrush.
b) on the bathroom counter.
c) in someone's hair.

Keep in mind, this game is extra tricky because for some of these, every single option is true! My world is never boring. Or clean for very long.

Happy New Year!


  1. You have a tough job and it is good that you can find a little humor in it.
    I try to do that both at work and in school or I would go insane.

  2. Your questions remind me of my own "what the heck?" discoveries when I was an orderly in the old days. I found someones long lost dentures in their underpants in a very undesirable place...can imagine how they could sit down with feeling the bite. I found two three week old milkshakes in a patients top drawer after the staff complained to me that something must have died in the heating ducts.

    I love the humor you found in your work, and am excited to see the answers. :-)