Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 03: My Views on Drugs and Alcohol.

I just worked a 12 hour day, so this will be short and not-so-sweet:

Drugs: YES. Halidol, Ativan, Antipsychotics, and anything that makes those combative residents stop BITING me (yes that really happened tonight).

Illegal Drugs: No thanks. I'll stick to my ibuprofen.

Alcohol: Rarely. I went through a phase when I was younger when I used to binge drink, which was not the greatest plan. Now I almost never drink at all, and stick to just one or two. Mr. Polly says I have the tolerance of an 11 year old.

True story: Just now I was telling Mr. what I'm writing about and now he's going to get us some Riesling. Because I ache from head to toe and because I got BITTEN BY A GROWN WOMAN! I think a glass of wine and some Jeopardy or Smallville sounds like a good way to end my day.

1 comment:

  1. Oh No! Getting bitten is awful. The elderly ladies with the long sharp nails are dangerous too, especially when those nails have questionable brown matter under them. Ouch! I hope you enjoyed your glass of wine :)