Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 01: Relationship.

I'm married, and very happily so. I met my husband a long time ago, way back when I was 19. We married when I was 23, which I was pretty surprised about, having never planned on getting married until I began dating him.

We laugh a lot. When we go to bed at the same time, we stay up too late talking and playing stupid games we make up on the spot, like "Holla Whatcha Call Me" (pretty self-explanatory) and other weird stuff, like the time I decided to tell him "The Scariest Story Ever Told" in a bad Russian accent (it was about a character named Black the Ukranian who was covered in fur like a monkey from hell). I wonder if our neighbors can hear us, and if they wish we'd just go to sleep for God's sake.

I still think my husband is very handsome. And he's still very tall. Even when we're old and he shrinks, he'll still be very tall. When you start out at 6'4" you can spare a little spinal compression.

Having been so young when I started dating him, we've really grown up together. Learned how to be responsible adults that show up for work on time and pay our bills on time. I've learned how to cook, though not 'till we'd already been married a while. But I'm good at it now! We've traveled together a little bit, but not that far away. When I was a nanny, the family I worked for took us both with them on their vacation to Whistler, BC, which was really fun. They have special trash cans there that are too confusing for bears to get into. Also, I taught my husband how to ride a bike.

When I was younger and my single female friends would ask me how to pick a guy, my basic advice was "Look around at everyone you know, and pick the guy that you think is too nice and funny and cute for you. Then ask him out. Or maneuver him into asking you out. Then try really hard to be good enough for him, and expect him to do the same for you. Then you'll be happy."

It worked for me!

Happy 9th anniversary this fall, Mr. Polly!

PS we both just figured out what we wanted to be when we grew up, like, a year ago. So don't stress about that either, people.

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  1. How cute Polly! You remind me of myself and Mr. Zazzy who stay up way too late chit chatting and learning about each other through the years and what we like. My MOST favorite spot on earth is in my hubby's arms in our spooning position at night. Thanks for sharing your story.