Friday, May 13, 2011


The other night after work, I was telling Mr. Polly about my day and he said something like "and tomorrow they'll all try to escape" and without thinking about it, I reached over to knock on the coffee table. Because at work, whenever anyone says something jinxy (be it "Wow, what a quiet night" or "They're all so calm today!") we all immediately knock on wood.

I think this is common to all healthcare workers, in nursing homes or in hospitals. Lots of people are superstitious about death and ghosts as well. Since my buddy Darlene passed away, many of my coworkers have been extra worried about our other residents when they get wheezy or have an unresponsive episode, because they think death comes in threes.

We all metaphorically batten down the hatches whenever it's a full moon as well. Seriously, the weirdest stuff that my old folks have done has all been during the full moon. Walking around in the courtyard in the cold weather with no pants, shoes or underwear? Check. Falling asleep in someone else's bed and then insisting that yes, those dresses in the closet ARE yours and this IS your room (male resident)? Yep. All during the full moon. Eating fake plants, rearranging furniture in odd ways, hoarding all sorts of pillows under one's sweater? Those are everyday things.

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  1. I will completely agree with the full moon issues. At my job, we get the weirdest calls from patients during the full moon times. Mostly the callers are rude and mean but also peculiar requests.