Thursday, May 26, 2011

Listen to your Grandmas

The other day, I was helping Mr. Polly do some work on my Grandma's bathroom (just replacing fixtures and such) and she asked me how the new job is going. I said I love it, but I do get tired because it's a 10 hour shift and it's more standing than walking. She hiked up her pant leg and showed me her spider veins, and told me to start wearing support hose NOW. My Grandma was a hospital pharmacist her entire career and stood for long shifts as well. Plus, genetics. So I ran out and got some support socks. (There's just no freaking way I'm gonna wear support pantyhose to work under my scrubs. Not happening. Ever.)

The Cherokee Workwear ones come in a pack of three and they SUCK. Maybe they're better if you have smaller feet, but I don't. I have big size 10 feet. And so the socks don't come up that high on me, and they kept rolling down all day too and driving me crazy. Thumbs down, Cherokee. I'll be giving those away to my shorter coworkers.

The NurseMates ones do come in different sizes according to your shoe size, and they are awesome. I got pink ones with butterflies on them. I've been hand-washing them with my same castille soap that I use in the shower, and they're holding up nicely. Hopefully my legs will be as well.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I would agree with Grandma.

    After 35 years of nursing....the ol' legs get sore. I don't have spider veins, but then, I never had kids either.

    It's great advice to follow, and I LOVE the support stockings you found!!!