Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Post Mortem

Yesterday one of my residents died quickly and unexpectedly. Usually they are on hospice and comfort care beforehand and everyone has a day or two to say goodbye. But Darlene didn't, she just suddenly went gray in our livingroom area. We rushed her to her room to assess her, and by the time we got her there, she was gone. It was so shocking. The caregiver that discovered this burst into tears. I sat with her body while we waited for the EMT's to come confirm that she was dead. Afterwards, the med aide that's been training me and I did her post-mortem care.

It was shocking and scary, but I've made it through my first time and felt that I did right by my buddy Darlene at that time. She was so funny and good-natured. She liked to stay up late and wander around in her nightgown and sneakers, patting all our cheeks and saying "You're a nice boy". We'll miss our Darlene. And already it's becoming easier to picture her alive than dead, which is a huge relief.

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  1. I like the way you care so much for your residents! I wish there were more like you!

    I still remember some of the older people like that - that I cared for 35 years ago! Can still see their faces....and they still touch my heart when I think of them and remember all the stories they told....