Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Dinner For Schmucks", Reviewed By Bev

For some reason, the local theater changed their scheduling, greatly limiting today's choices for my movie date with Bev. It was down to Step Up 3D, Dinner for Schmucks, Toy Story 3, and Charlie St. Cloud. You can imagine why I was on pins and needles waiting to see which one she'd choose. I was pretty sure she'd rule out children's movies, and sad movies (thank God, I don't need to spend 2 hours crying and looking at Zac Efron).

As I described the choices to her, Bev said, "Well, I guess that leaves us with the Dinner Party one. What's a schmuck?"

Don't ask me how a Jewish woman from New York doesn't know what a schmuck is, but she was genuinely stumped.

"It means an idiot, a goofball, a buffoon."

"Oh!" she said, laughing already "What a crazy title! All right, Schmucks it is!"

Bev giggled throughout the movie, leaning over to me several times, saying "There's the schmucks!"

As we walked out of the theater, Bev was still laughing, and exclaimed, "Craziest picture I ever saw! And the wildest title, too! Schmucks! I'm going to call my daughter today and say, 'Jill, do you know what a schmuck is?' and see if she does. Funniest picture I've seen in a long time!"

"Bev, did you ever know anyone like that? Did you ever meet any schmucks?"

"Oh, no dear! Well, there was this one woman. She was an accquaintance, not a friend. She asked me what my name was, and I told her Beverly. She told me I could say Bev-IRE-lee and I said NO I cannot! She was kind of a schmuck."

"Oooh, you could be Bev-IRE-lee and I can be POLE-eyanna, and those can be our schmuck names, Bev!"

"That's a good word for it. Schmuck! Oh, that was the craziest picture! I hope we see another one like it next week."

"Me too, Bev."


  1. Loved the story! Just wondering what my shmuck name could be since Hank is only one syllable? My golf schmuck names are easy...Yank and Shank. :-)

  2. Holy shit, so good! I wanna see Dinner For Schmucks also and I wanna see it with Bev!

    PS My schmuck name is "Hoosay"

    PS Chris Brummel read this.