Saturday, December 11, 2010

Up to the minute technology

Okay not really. But I do like to try out new little tech stuff, even though I barely ever actually KEEP using it (sorry foursquare, I abandoned you a long time ago). So I was listening to one of the podcasts I like and they were answering questions they received via formspring. So now I have a formspring. Which I know very little about.

Basically it's so anyone can ask me questions anonymously, it seems like. In that little pink box over there to the right. And then I'll answer them, woo-hoo!

Let's all give it a shot and see if we can figure it out, huh?

And as long as we're on the topic of podcasts, here are some that I love:

1. The Nursing Show: News, Tips, and Commentary for Nurses and Students
(usually really, really informative and up to date, plus I LOVE the interviews with people that work in different branches of nursing and hearing how they ended up there).

2. Stuff You Should Know
(short overviews of a huge variety of topics, from Jack the Ripper to saunas to why we feel full after eating. Handy and entertaining).

3. Answer Bitch
(hollywood gossip & news, very funny, awesome for long drives or while I'm doing the dishes).

You can find any of them by searching in iTunes or whatever it is you use to listen to podcasts.

Formspring me!

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