Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm tired and haven't even really thought about making dinner yet (there's always bread, hummus, and spinach salad, right?) so this will be very brief. I started my new job today at the GreatRep, and I LOVE it.

There are enough staff that we get to actually take good care of our residents, the facility is designed and run well, there's an excellent housekeeping staff that does all the things that need to be done so that the care staff can concentrate on direct care, and there's lots of teamwork among the caregivers.

I really think I'm going to be happy there!

And dayshift (06:00-14:00) goes by really quickly, which is nice. I hadn't done it before, only evening (14:00-22:00) and noc (22:00-06:00. Three more days of training on dayshift, and then a WEEKEND (as in TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS OFF) for me!

Love love love love love love love . . .

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