Friday, October 15, 2010

I Bet on the Wrong Adorable Horse.

Remember how I was trying to decide between the Adorable place and the Well-Known place to work at next? And chose the Adorable one?

Looks like I chose wrong.

Today was the all staff meeting at the Adorable place, where they were introducing the new Executive Director. What I didn't know when I accepted the job is that the new Executive Director has been working there approximately 3 days longer than I have. And what I didn't know until this afternoon is that the nurse manager that hired me is now on a leave of absence after hiring 3 too many noc shift caregivers.

Also in the "things I didn't know" category: this facility has a 20 percent employee retention rate. When you end your shift, there's a decent chance that no one, or only a small portion of, the next shift staff will actually show up to relieve you.

The work itself is fine (if heavy) but not knowing if one can actually leave when you're supposed to? So not fine. I've been leaving anyway, because there's always a med tech on duty and they are charged with more responsibility, which means they cannot leave until they have someone to hand the keys to the med cart off to. I just say I have to go to my other job (whether that's true or not) and leave within 15 minutes of the end of my shift. And then don't answer my phone if they're calling to try to get me to come back.


Lucky for me, I got a call the other day from another dementia facility with a great reputation for an interview. It's also for a full-time, night shift caregiver position. The great reputation place is usually not hiring, but is the first one that people recommended to me when I started my search. I filled out an application, but didn't think much of it because they weren't hiring when I did so. I guess they are now! So I'll call them tomorrow and try to get in there to meet with them. I just really, really want one full time job with benefits that I can stay at long-term. The waitlist for nursing school is a year, and I'm not even on the list yet.

Maybe I should put a personal ad up on Monster:

Nursing Assistant/Caregiver Seeks ...
Assisted Living facility for gainful employment. Management must be willing to provide required training, and understand that gloves are not a luxury. Coworkers can say "ain't" and be trashy, as long as they actually show up for work on time. Facilities where residents have adjustable beds given preference, so this Polly doesn't have to mess up her knees and back trying to change people who sleep on the floor due to falls. If this sounds like you, contact me, Polly! I work hard, show up on time, don't call out sick, and will do extra things for my residents if the basics are already covered.

Alternately, I could stay at the Crapdorable place part time (2 shifts/week) while doing the 3 week CNA course and then reapply at the Skilled Nursing Facility of my dreams. Also a decent option, as long as I can continue to never, never get roped into staying when I'm not supposed to due to the flakiness of others.

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