Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goodbye, Night Shift Polly

Just one rotation left at the night shift job at the Crapdorable facility, thank God. I'm giving my notice there first thing tomorrow morning.

What I learned/got out of my month on noc shift:

1. I hate working overnights. If I don't get enough sleep, I start randomly bursting into tears and just generally being a hot mess. Add a day job to that, and I'm sunk.

2. Noc shift is mostly changing briefs and toileting people that can walk. And redirecting wanderers. If the only good thing about it is "well at least I don't have to deal with crappy coworkers and management because I'm the only one here at night" then it's a bad job. Period.

3. Staying up working all night and then getting a little sleep and then working more? A good way to lose weight. I've lost another 5 lbs just during my first two rotations at the Crapdorable place. I told my husband this, and he said I should go back to Weight Watchers and share the good news, go up to the front and say "Here's what you do: get a bunch of old people ..." So if you think an overworked Polly would be a great new spokeswoman for the Nursing Home Overworked Diet, build me a website or something. I'll be happy to share all my tips with you.

4. Calluses. I already had some on my feet, but after being on my feet at least 8 hours out of every 24 for the past month, they grew freakishly fast. And my hands are effed as well. I started putting that really thick goopy Burts Bees stuff

on my hands every time I was going to get to sleep for 2+ hours and then putting socks over them to keep it on. Changing briefs all night, taking gloves on and off, and constant washing of my hands have made it hard to keep them from cracking and bleeding. And with the resident with the horrible skin condition, I want MY skin intact to keep whatever is plaguing her out of me. Way, way out of me. If I had what she has, I would be guzzling liquid morphine like it was gatorade. I feel so badly for this woman and I'm terrified of ever catching whatever it is she has.

5. If you want to work night shift, make that your only job. And come home after work, eat a meal, and sleep for at least 6 hours. And drink lots of water. And good luck to you.

I don't think I'll ever do it again.

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